Mónica Bartolomé

Mónica Bartolomé holds a Master’s degree in Management Development as well as a first degree in Business Administration from Deusto University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Deusto Business School – University of Deusto). During her final year, she completed an internship at B+I Strategy as part of the University’s Full-time Internship Programme. She is fully bi-lingual (Spanish/Basque) having earned the corresponding official Basque Proficiency Diploma (EGA), as well as the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English.

Since becoming member of the team of consultants at B+I Strategy in September 2011, Mónica has undertaken projects of a diverse nature for both the public and private sectors in the Basque Region.

In the public sector, she has worked on a variety of projects such as participative processes in strategic thinking and planning, the implementation, follow-up and evaluation of strategies and projects, and the design of public policy. Mónica has also participated in the design and dissemination of support programmes, organised and moderated large symposia, and developed Economic, Social, and Environmental Impact Surveys.

In the private sector she has worked on participative processes in strategic thinking and planning, provided training in strategic management, and the development of Economic, Social, and Environmental Impact Surveys. Some of her main private sector clients are: AMPO; BBKFNX Oil&Gas; Gestamp; Igurco Socio-Sanitary Services; Ingemat; IZAR Cutting Tools; Lantegi Batuak; Oreka IT; ULMA Handling Systems; and Zorrotz.

Figuring prominently amongst Mónica’s public sector clients are: the Basque Government (the Ministry for Economic Development and Competitiveness; the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs; and the Ministry for the Environment and Territorial Policy); SPRI – The Basque Development Agency; Ihobe (a publicly-owned company under the Basque Government's Ministry for the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing); the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa (The Office of the Chairman and the Department of Economic Promotion, Rural and Territorial Equality); BIDEGI (the Infrastructure Agency of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa); the Department of Sports of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia; and, the City of Bilbao.

Furthermore, Monica has worked with other organisations and knowledge agents such as the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao; IK4-Azterlan; Ikerlan; Innobasque (the Basque Innovation Agency); Iraurgi Berritzen (the agency for the socio-economic promotion and innovation of the Urola Erdia region of Gipuzkoa); Ugassa; Guggenheim Museum Bilbao; and, the Public Basque University (UPV/EHU).

Whilst constantly striving to improve her knowledge and skills, Mónica has received specific training in: ‘Digital Transformation’, ‘Advanced Project Design’, ‘Co-creation of value strategies’, ‘Design Thinking’, Clear Written and Spoken Communication’, ’Niche leader strategies’, ‘Servitization’, ‘Competitiveness’, ‘Development of Innovative Projects’, ‘Professional Public Speaking Techniques’, as well as ‘Organising and Conducting Interviews and Meetings’.

Finally, in addition to supervising practicum students, Mónica has participated in teaching various courses offered at Deusto Business School – University of Deusto, namely on the Strategic Management course, and on the Master’s Programme in Research, Consulting and Social Innovation.

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