Mónica Bartolomé

Mónica Bartolomé has a Master’s degree in Management Development as well as a first degree in Business Administration from Deusto University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Deusto Business School – University of Deusto). During her final year, she completed an internship at B+I Strategy as part of the University’s Full-time Internship Programme. Mónica is fully bi-lingual (Spanish/Basque) having earned the corresponding official Basque Proficiency Diploma (EGA), as well as the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English.

A member of the team of consultants at B+I Strategy since September 2011, Mónica has undertaken projects of a diverse nature: Strategic Thinking Projects; Processes of diagnostic and design of organisational models and of employee participation (having published several articles on the topic); Participative Group Dynamic Projects based on ‘Emergent Thinking’ methodology; Fostering business competitiveness; Designing public programmes and plans; Economic Impact Surveys; Market and Megatrend Analysis, as well as Benchmarking.

Mónica has undertaken work for a variety of organisations in a number of sectors. Amongst some of her private sector clients are: AMPO; FNX Oil & Gas; Gestamp Group; Igurco Socio-Sanitary Services; Ingemat; Lantegi Batuak, Oreka IT.

Figuring prominently amongst the public sector clients are: the Basque Government (the Ministry for Economic Development and Competitiveness; the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs; and the Ministry for the Environment and Territorial Policy); SPRI – The Basque Development Agency; the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa (The Office of the Chairman and the Department of Economic Promotion, Rural and Territorial Equality); and, the Department of Sports of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia.

Furthermore, she has worked with other organisations and knowledge agents such as the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao; IK4-AzterlanInnobasque (The Basque Innovation Agency), Iraurgi Berritzen (the agency for the socio-economic promotion and innovation of the Urola Erdia region of Gipuzkoa); Guggenheim Museum Bilbao; and, the Public Basque University (UPV/EHU).

Whilst constantly striving to improve her knowledge and skills, Mónica has received specific training in: ‘Development of Innovative Projects’, ‘Professional Pubic Speaking Techniques’, as well as ‘Organising and Conducting Interviews and Meetings’.

Finally, Mónica has lectured at Deusto Business School – University of Deusto on the Strategic Management course over the 2011-12 and 2012-13 academic years, and more recently, on the Master’s Programme in Research, Consulting and Social Innovation (2014-2016).


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