Irune Fernández


Irune Fernández has a Master’s degree in Management Development as well as a first degree in Business Administration from Deusto University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Deusto Business School – University of Deusto), specialising in organisational management. During her final year, she completed an internship at B+I Strategy as part of the University’s Full-time Internship Programme. In October 2012 Irune joined PwC where she worked as senior consultant until December 2016 when she became a member of the team of consultants at B+I Strategy.

Throughout her career, Irune has undertaken projects of a diverse nature for both private and public organisations, particularly in the following areas of specialisation: Strategic Thinking Projects, and Strategic Planning Projects; design of internationalisation strategy; development of organisational models; design and improving operational models and process efficiency; market analysis; benchmarking, and sector diagnosis.

Some of the private sector clients she has worked have been mainly in the sectors of: food, energy, the financial sector, advertising, and industry. Clients figuring prominent are: the Natra Group; CRN Harinas; Uvesco; Eroski supermarkets; Arista; Babcock Valves; RDT Engineers; Ariadna Instruments; Iberdrola, and BBVA.

Furthermore, figuring prominently amongst her public sector clients are: the Basque Government (the Ministry for Economic Development and Competitiveness, and the Ministry of Public Security); the City of Bilbao; the Provincial Government of Bizkaia; Beaz-Agency for Economic Development and Innovation of Bizkaia; the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa; the Provincial Government of Lugo (Region of Galicia); the Regional Government of the Canaries, and the European Commission.

Finally, Irune has undertaken projects based on ‘Emergent Thinking’ methodology, along with having lectured on Organisation and Management of Talent at Deusto Business School – University of Deusto. Irune is fully bi-lingual (Spanish/Basque) having earned the corresponding official Basque Proficiency Diploma (EGA), as well as the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English.

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