Ainara Ratón

Ainara Ratón holds a Master’s Degree in Management Development and a First Degree in Business Management and Administration from the Deusto Business School - University of Deusto. During her final year, and as part of the University’s Full-day Practicum Programme, she did her practicum with B+I Strategy.

Ainara has a high level of English (Advanced) and a medium level of Basque (HABE 2).

Since becoming a member of the B+I Strategy consulting team in September 2012, Ainara has participated in Strategic Thinking projects for a variety of companies in such sectors as industry, energy, education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, construction, food, transportation, as well as in the design of inter-institutional plans for the public sector, and to promote business competitiveness.

Some of Ainara’s main public and private sector clients with whom she has worked are: The Basque Ministry of Economic Development and Competitiveness, and the Basque Ministry of Health; EVE-Basque Energy Agency; HAZI Foundation; Neiker; ASLE; Deusto University Faculty of Engineering; Guggenheim Museum Bilbao; Médica Sur; Mondragon Corporation and University of Mondragon; Tubacex; Goizper; Irizar Forge; Spyro Group; VIAS; Krilinex; Corsivia; Arrankoba; Autobuses de Lujua; Construcciones Otaduy, and Zorrotz.

Finally, Ainara has been teaching the Strategic Management course of the Business Administration Programme, as well as the Consulting Module of the Master's Programme in Research, Consulting and Social Innovation, both of which are offered at Deusto Business School - University of Deusto.


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