Santi de Juan


Santi de Juan holds a combined first degree in Business Management and Administration, and in Engineering, specialising in Industrial Technologies, from Deusto Business School - University of Deusto (Bilbao). In his senior year, he was selected to join a group of students to participate in the Bizkaia Talent Programme which was sponsored by the Provincial Government of Bizkaia to promote  the development of highly qualified young professionals. During the same year, he was also an intern with Ferrovial as part of the University´s Full-time Internship Programme.

Aside from being fully bi-lingual (Spanish/Basque) having earned the corresponding official Basque Proficiency Diploma, Santi also has the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English, and speaks basic German. 

Since joining the team of consultants at B+I Strategy in September 2015, Santi has participated on a number of projects of a diverse nature: projects of strategic thinking and strategic planning for private organisations; designing plans for public inter-institutional organisations; promoting business competitiveness; undertaking market analyses; sectorial benchmarking and diagnostics; as well as ecnomic impact surveys.

Some of his main private sector clients are: Praxis Pharmaceutical; IMQ Seguros; Barna; Alianza IK-4; Petroplast; Aurman; Ikerlan; Danobat Group; and Goizper Group. Furthermore, amongst his main public sector clients are: The Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, The Basque Government, Azkuna Zentroa, and Bidegi.

Finally, Santi has collaborated on various Participative Group Dynamic Projects based on "Emergent Thinking" methodology with organisations such as Geminys, Bidegi and IK4 Research Alliance. 



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