Estibaliz Arenzana



Estibaliz Arenzana holds a first degree in Business Management and Administration, from Deusto Business School – University of Deusto (Donostia-San Sebastian), with her senior year being spent both at Santa Clara University (USA), and at the University of Bath (UK). Upon graduation, she was honoured with a special award. Additionally, Estibaliz is a member of the Harvard MOOC International Alumni Association and has recently won the distinction for the best Internet project. Currently, Estibaliz is undertaking a training course entitled "Future Leaders" which is being run by the Agirre Lehendakaria Center. Since October 2014, she has been a welcome member of the B+I Strategy team of consultants. 

In that time, Estibaliz has worked on a variety of Strategic Thinking and strategic planning projects with companies in such sectors as manufacturing, the food industry, biosciences, research and higher education, as well as in designing inter-institutional plans for the public sector, and to foster business competitiveness. Amongst her most notable public and private sector clients are: the Basque Ministry of Economic Development and Competitiveness; Bilbao Exhibition Centre; Médica Sur; Siderex; Sari Group; Orkli; Gureak; P4Q; Sammic; Agrosevilla; Iparlat; Ikerlan; and Goierri Eskola. Furthermore, she has participated on several participatory dynamics based on ‘Emergent Thinking’ Methodology with such organisations as Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa, Orkli, Basque Culinary Center, and Geminys.

Finally, aside from actively participating in the Youth Section of The Association of Women in Business and Management of Bizkaia-AED, Estibaliz is also a member of Global Shapers, a network of young people born of, and backed by, the World Economic Forum in order to deal with challenges found on a local and regional level, as well as abroad.  

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