Óscar Valdivielso

Óscar Valdivielso holds a first degree in Economics and Business Administration from Deusto Business School – University of Deusto with his senior year being completed at the University of Stockholm as part of the Erasmus Programme. He is also an active member of the Harvard MOOC International Alumni Association. Óscar has over 15 years’ experience in the field of consulting, having worked for Arthur Andersen (later BearingPoint) as Senior Consultant on the strategy team previous to joining the team at B+1 strategy in January 2006.

Over his career, Óscar has worked for numerous national and international clients in public and private sectors. In the public sector, he has worked on the design of new policies and public plans especially in the areas of: entrepreneurship; internationalisation; innovation; industrialisation; clusterisation; information society, etc. along with various integrated plans for government, and regional competitiveness plans. His public administration clients include: Basque Government Ministries and Departments; Provincial Governments of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa; the City of Bilbao; Government of Catalonia; and the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. 

Additionally, other public, as well as parapublic clients include: SPRI – Basque Development Agency; HAZI Foundation; IHOBE; Public Basque University (UPV/EHU); Aalto University (Finland); Biobasque (Basque Bioregion); Innobasque (Basque Innovation Agency); Etorbizi (Basque Foundation for Socio-Sanitary Innovation); Consorcio de Aguas de Bizkaia (the Water Supply Management Board of Bizkaia); ACC10 (Consortium for Commercial Promotion of Catalonia and Centre of Innovation and Business Development); along with regional players such as Iraurgi Berritzen, Leartiker, and Amurrio Bidean Agency.

In the private sector, Óscar has participated in Strategic Thinking processes and designing strategic plans; innovation in business models; designing organisational and management models; Feasibility Studies and Plans, Market Surveys, Economic Impact Surveys and CSR strategies. Amongst some of his main clients are such companies as Vidrala; ENCE; Guascor Group (currently Dresser-Rand); Ingemat; Condesa; Bodegas Chivite; Krilinex; Atlética (Mexico); Otaduy Construcciones; Athletic Bilbao (Football Club), etc., and such as organisations Confebask (Basque Confederation of Business); Adegi (Business Association of Gipuzkoa); Lantegi Batuak, and FEVAS (Basque Federation Supporting the Intellectually Impaired).

Óscar is a frequent speaker at various local and international fora, as well as acting as moderator for numerous encounters and conferences. He has also collaborated on numerous publications, articles and case studies on Strategy and Competitiveness. Amongst other publications, he has edited and published the B+I White Book on Strategy (four editions, 2012-2015). Furthermore, Oscar has participated in the B+I Strategy research projects on strategic innovation in companies, “The Innovation Kite”, and “Design and Development of Business Strategies”.  

Finally, since 2007 Óscar has been a regular lecturer on management development and international masters’ programmes, as well as on various courses about Strategy, Internationalisation, Business Models, and Consulting at Deusto Business School – University of Deusto.

Articles written by Oscar Valdivielso.   

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