Óscar Valdivielso


Oscar Valdivielso holds a first degree in Economics and Business Administration from Deusto Business School – University of Deusto having completed his senior year at the University of Stockholm as part of the Erasmus Programme. Prior to joining the team at B+I strategy in January 2006, he was Senior Consultant on the strategy team at Arthur Andersen (later BearingPoint). Additionally, he is currently an active member of the Harvard MOC International Alumni Association.

Over the span of his 22-year-career in consulting, Oscar has worked for numerous national and international clients in both the public and private sectors. In the public sector, he has extensive experience developing projects related to new policies and public plans. Such projects focused primarily on: Strategic consulting and organisation, particularly in processes of Strategic Thinking; design and development of strategic plans; organisational and management models; development of reports on competitiveness and clusterization; Feasibility Studies and Plans, Market Surveys, Economic Impact Surveys, and CSR, etc.

In the public sphere, Oscar has extensive experience in supporting analysis, design and the evaluation of programmes and public policies pertaining to industry, entrepreneurship and intra/entrepreneurship. Other areas include: agribusiness and rural development; internationalisation; innovation; information society; modernisation and good governance; employment; social policy; transportation; tourism; traffic and road safety, etc. He has also worked on interinstitutional and multi-departmental projects for Government and Public Companies at all levels: local, regional, national and international.

His public administration clients include various Ministries and Departments of the Basque Government; Provincial Governments of Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, and Alava; the City of Bilbao; Government of Catalonia; and the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. In addition, other public and parapublic clients include: SPRI – Basque Development Agency; HAZI Foundation; EVE–Basque Energy Agency; IHOBE; the Public Basque University (UPV/EHU) and its Social Council; Basque Competition Authority; Biobasque (Basque Bioregion); Innobasque (Basque Innovation Agency); NEIKER; Etorbizi (Basque Foundation for Socio-Sanitary Innovation); Basque BICs – Centres of Business and Innovation (BEAZ, BIC Gipuzkoa, BIC Araba, BIC Bizkaia Ezkerraldea); Bizkaia LANTIK; the Water Supply Management Board of Bizkaia; Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Left Bank and the Mining Zone of Bizkaia; the City of Tolosa, Bilbao Ekintza; BIDEGI (the Infrastructure Agency of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa); and Gipuzkoa Aurrera (Advancing Gipuzkoa). Regional clients include such players as Iraurgi Berritzen; Azaro Fundazioa; Amurrio Bidean Agency; Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic; and ACC10 (Consortium for Commercial Promotion of Catalonia and Centre of Innovation and Business Development).

Amongst some of his main private clients are such companies as Guascor Group (currently Dresser-Rand); Gureak Group; Vidrala; Lantegi Batuak; Ingemat; ENCE Group (Uruguay); Metalsa (Mexico); Atlética (Mexico); Airlan; Krilinex; Petroplast; Arrankoba, Bodegas Chivite; Construcciones Otaduy; Medical Óptica; and Athletic Bilbao Football Club, etc. Business owner organisations include: Confebask (Basque Confederation of Business); Adegi (Business Association of Gipuzkoa); Basque Chambers of Commerce (Bilbao, Gipuzkoa and Alava); the Basque Food Cluster; SIDEREX– Basque Cluster Association of Steelworks; AED (Association of Business Owners and Executives of Bizkaia); the Basque Culinary Center; University of Deusto; AZTI-Tecnalia; NEIKER-Tecnalia; Aalto University (Finland), etc.

Furthermore, Oscar is a frequent speaker at various local and international fora, as well as acting as moderator for numerous encounters and conferences. He has also collaborated on numerous publications, articles and case studies on Strategy and Competitiveness. Amongst other publications, most notably, he has co-ordinated the design, development and publication of all 10 editions of The White Book “ESTRATEGIA” by B+I Strategy, as well as both the Spanish and English editions of the book by Sabin Azua, “Empresa, País, Vida” (“Company, Country, Life”) published in 2018.

Additionally, Oscar has participated in the B+I Strategy research projects on strategic innovation in companies, “The Innovation Kite”, and “Design and Development of Business Strategies”, along with a number of practical guides on “innovation in the business model” and “the design of strategic plans in SMEs”.

Oscar has acted as lecturer, mentor, co-ordinator and member of judges’ panels at diverse fora, awards and encounters on entrepreneurship, under the auspices of agencies such as the Basque Government; SPRI (Basque Development Agency); Basque Centres of Companies and Innovation (BEAZ, BIC Bizkaia Ezkerraldea, BIC Gipuzkoa, BIC Araba); Basque Culinary Center (Culinary Action); Innobasque (Cleantech Showcase); ACC10 (360 Entrepreneur Programme); and DBS – University of Deusto (Consulting Club), etc.

Finally, Oscar has been a regular lecturer at Deusto Business School on a number of Master’s programmes (Master’s in Competitiveness and Innovation 2013-2014; Master’s in Research, Consulting and Social Innovation 2014-2015), as well as management development programmes (Executive Leadership Prog. 2013-2014-2015), the course on "Strategic Management" for 5th year students and "Management Skills" for 4th year Business Administration students (2007-2013), and is an active member of the DBS Consulting Club.

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