We assist companies to think about their future and to develop their strategic plans. Our methodology combines open, creative processes with more analytical phases in focused analysis, as in our view the existing combination of experience and intuition found in executives is what facilitates good strategic-making decisions

We support companies in defining their business strategies, and business groups with their corporate strategies, collaborating all the way through to the implementation and follow-up phases.

Our STRATEGIC THINKING projects are based on:

  • Dynamic and participative approach tailored to each company.
  • A solid and reliable analysis of the situation, including the market and technological contexts, as well as a prospective study of future tendencies.
  • Search for new ideas and opportunities by utilising innovative tools.
  • Focus on implementation.
  • Leadership of people with extensive experience in similar processes.
  • Collaboration with world experts by means of our International partnerships.

Strategic plan

Strategic thinking process for this world leader in the glass manufacturing sector. The Group’s growth strategy was defined, evaluating alternatives in generating sustainable value over time and analysing the impact of the strategy on the company’s organisational and management model.

Strategic plan

Definition of strategy for Elecnor, a diversified group active in such sectors as construction, electrical infrastructure, capital goods and renewable energies. The highly participative process was oriented towards thinking about the Group’s business portfolio, identifying growth potential, choosing the most attractive to move into, while evaluating formulae to intensify its presence in international markets. As a result of the process, all expectations were exceeded in the period, and a new structure was defined which was later successfully implemented.

Strategic plan

Thinking process aimed at setting objectives, basic lines of strategy, activities and projects, including the derived organisational implications and their application to future economic scenarios.