Support provided in the ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN for the implementation of successful strategies

We provide our clients with support in not only defining WHAT to do, but also in HOW to do so, because we know that a large part of the success of a Strategy, no matter how good, lies in its implementation. Therefore, we provide our clients with the translation of Strategy into concrete policies and management mechanisms of an organisation, as well as its follow-up and periodic check-up, placing people at the forefront, involving them in achieving set goals.

The B+I Strategy team have a proven track record in transforming the management of both private companies and public organisations.

Our ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN projects are based on:

  • Combination of knowledge of Strategy and change management.
  • Collaborative work with the management team and other levels of the organization for the Strategy roll out.
  • Ongoing assessment during the implementation phase.
  • Definition of objectives and measurable indicators with different mechanisms.
  • Evaluation of the various organisational alternatives based on our previous experience and our vision and understanding of the implications of strategy in the organisation.  


Support during implementation and follow-up

Impact study of strategy in the organisational model of this wine producer, as well as defining the balanced scorecard for strategy follow-up.

Organisational and management model

Definition of the Group’s management and organisational model during the initial stages of the constitution of Alestis Group, fruit of the incorporation of a number of companies in the aerospace sector located throughout Spain and Brazil.

Management of Group subsidiaries

Support provided in establishing the management mechanisms of the subsidiaries in consonance with the organisational model if the Group.