Adapting decision-making in INTERNATIONALISATION processes

Internationalisation is a key process for our clients. The range of possibilities offered by potential target markets for each one of the company’s activities, each requiring a different model of business behaviour: R&D, knowledge uptake, recruiting talent, sales, production and commercial implementation.

Due to these specific needs of companies, we provide support in defining their internationalisation strategies, including the analysis of the attractiveness of a given market, defining the most appropriate internationalisation model (exporting vs. setting up abroad), company management and organisation with different subsidiaries, etc.

Our INTERNATIONALISATION projects are based on:

  • A clear understanding of the company’s current situation and its international operations.
  • A study of the competitive elements of the various markets.
  • Cooperation with B+I Strategy’s international partners in the target markets.
  • Discussion with management teams, both that of the parent company and of the various subsidiaries, on alternative models and the challenges of international expansion.
  • Strategic thinking on the most adequate organizational and management model for subsidiaries.

A market survey for strategic sectors

Various market surveys in strategic sectors undertaken for Catalan companies looking to expand internationally which led to identifying the most attractive markets and sectors. Sectors analysed included: pharmaceutical, construction, capital goods and food.

International expansion plan

We provided support to Atlética, a Mexican sports clothing manufacturer, in the design of their internationalisation plan for Latin America, analysing the context of the different textile markets and their potential, while taking into account company resources. As a result, a forward-thinking model was defined for Atlética, thereby achieving consensus among members of the management team, establishing a Road Map for a time horizon of 5 years.

Internationalisation strategy in Uruguay

Collaboration with ENCE, the multi-national paper mill, to define and develop their internationalisation strategy in Uruguay, drafting a "clusterised" participation of other related players and defining the main pillars of the company’s expansion process.