Different approaches to the processes of business DIVERSIFICATION

From our point of view, diversification must be firmly anchored in the key capacities of companies with an eye on reality while requiring knowledge of the true state of various sectors to successfully identify and pick opportunities. In this age of permanent change, the emergence of new technologies, or the combination of existing ones, can turn out to be a continuing source of diversification opportunities for companies in every economic sector.

We have worked with companies to define their diversification strategies, by evaluating their internal capacities and identifying windows of opportunity, as well as undertaking a feasibility study of each one of those opportunities.

Our DIVERSIFICATION projects are based on:

  • Understanding the internal capacities and basic technologies.
  • Working in conjunction with experts in the analysis of key technologies and sectors.
  • In-depth market analysis in the context of the varying opportunities. Our multi-sectorial experience affords us an understanding of the competitive elements of each sector and market.
  • Identifying diversification alternatives with the client.
  • Impact analysis of the diversification strategy in the organisational and management model of the parent company.
Diversification strategy


Diversification strategy in the product as part of the definition of the business model and management of the Group. The ultimate goal consisted of developing the business with the best chances of success and with the highest levels of efficiency, consolidating the business project and its competitiveness for the future.

Evaluating diversification alternatives

As part of its growth strategy, the rolling stock manufacturer sought to evaluate certain business opportunities connected with their traditional activity. B+I Strategy worked with CAF to analyse alternatives, evaluating the attractiveness of each sector and the foreseeable impact on the business model and the organisation of the Group.

Diversification model

The Egile Group is an equipment and machinery manufacturer for a variety of sectors (aeronautics, healthcare, etc.), with the intention of growing and diversifying into new sectors. Our support consisted of a thinking process of the company’s current situation including future opportunities for diversification, as well as defining an internal management model for the area to be diversified within the company.